As a private non-profit, Fundação Bienal believes in its ethical duty to account for what the institution does, how it does it and why it does it to society.

Here we share detailed information about our governance structure, our institutional documents and other information that shows that we conduct our operations in a reputable, cost-conscious and effective manner. You will also find bellow many other documents that govern our functioning and certify that we are legally authorized to carry out our mission to present and discuss contemporary art through the organizing of the Bienal de São Paulo and other national and international events.

Governance Structure

Fundação Bienal de São Paulo
CNPJ: 60.991.585/0001-­80

Ibirapuera Park · Gate 3 · Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion · 3rd floor · 04094-000 · São Paulo · SP · Brazil

management reports

Fundação Bienal publishes reports on the activities carried out in each biennium, including exhibitions held, our work with national and international partners, institutional initiatives and the impact of our activities on the public.

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institutional documents

Fundação Bienal is a private non-profit institution, created to promote education and culture, with no political or religious affiliations. In this section you will find documents that state our mission and govern our functioning.

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Government certification

Documentation and certificates that show that Fundação Bienal is a reputable institution and fit to organize projects on different fronts are listed here.

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Government partnerships

Documents that regulate the institutional partnerships of Fundação Bienal with the government through cultural incentive programs and grants on a city, state and national level can be found below.

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