The world is constantly changing and Bienal is the event that connects with the currents of art, life and the city. Visit and share your experience. Support and sponsor this movement. Bienal offers different ways to engage people, companies and institutions that believe in a blend of innovation and history, rigor and boldness, prestige and the democratization of art.


Partners are those who walk together and gather for a common goal. Bienal only exists through collectivity: support and contributions from partners are fundamental to this history. Discover the ways by which companies from different sectors can support the Bienal's actions..

the incentive laws

The Fundação Bienal de São Paulo's projects are eligible for funding through cultural incentive laws:
• The Ministry of Culture's Rouanet Law: provides for 100% tax deductibility of sums not exceeding
4% of due IR [income tax] by legal entities.
• São Paulo State Culture Department's ProAC/ICMS: 100% tax deductibility of sums not exceeding
3% of total monthly goods and service tax payments by legal entities.


Art is a heritage of all. There are various ways to integrate to Bienal's actions. To visit, to share, to read, to photograph and to engage through social media are some of them. Direct donations are also welcome: donors can abate up to 6% of due taxes through culture incentive laws.

use of the pavilion

Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the pavilion located at the heart of Ibiraquera Park keeps its doors open to the creative economy. Events and activities related to the arts, cinema, television, literature, publications, fashion, design, technology, tourism, sports, antiquities, gastronomy, advertising, architecture, and many other areas can be hosted here. Find out more.


Irina Cypel
Institutional Relations and Partnerships manager
t +55 11 5576 7619

The Fundação Bienal de São Paulo would like to thank all the sponsors, supporters, authorities, journalists, press vehicles, companies and individuals who share its belief in art as a key tool in a society's development:

current partners

Communication support

Cultural partnership

Public entities

Prefeitura de São Paulo | Secretaria Municipal de Cultura
Governo Federal | Ministério da Cultura | Pronac - Lei de Incentivo à Cultura
Governo do Estado de São Paulo | Secretaria da Cultura do Estado de São Paulo | ProAC - Programa de Ação Cultural