Foto / Photo Andrés Otero
Foto / Photo Andrés Otero
Foto / Photo Andrés Otero


25,000 m2 • 3 floors • Auditorium

Different floor combinations. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer

Policy for the use of the pavilion and for fostering the creative economy

The Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion, headquarters of the Bienal de São Paulo Foundation since 1957, is the stage of one of the world's most important art exhibitions: the Bienal de São Paulo. Designed by the Architect Oscar Niemeyer, the pavilion is a heritage-listed building (compresp, condephaat and iphan) under trust to the Bienal Foundation through a loan-for-use agreement with City Hall.

Recognizing the transformative potential of culture-based products and services, the Bienal de São Paulo Foundation makes its premises available for events connected with the creative economy—the fine arts, cinema, television, literature and publications, fashion, design, technology, tourism, sports, antiquities, gastronomy, advertising, and architecture, among other spheres of activity.

Ground floor with Mezzanine

charm, personality, large scale and harmonious landscape

total area 1.193 m²
kitchen and bar 229 m²
balcony 76 m²
ceiling height 3,80 m
Ground floor
total area 4.512 m²
ceiling height 7,35 m
SP-Arte 2009 · Foto / Photo rquivo SP-Arte
Foto / Photo Bienal

Sinuous curves

The Mezzanine is an ideal space for more private receptions, cocktails and dinners. Another differential is the sinuous architecture, which lends charm and personality to any function.

Prime space

Generous floor space added to enormous ceiling height makes the ground floor an excellent venue for large-scale events. The huge glass wall coaxes a sense of harmonious integration with the lush park outside, and the sheer size allows for major events, with hundreds of guests.

Modular floors

Large spaces, infinite possibilities

3rd floor
total area 5.108 m²
air-conditioned area 2.101,89 m²
ceiling height 4,95 m
2nd floor
total area 11.355 m²
ceiling height 4,95 m
1st floor
total area 3.193 m²
ceiling height 3,85 m
space for an infirmary
Foto / Photo Juan Guerra
São Paulo Fashion Week 22ª ed., 2007 · Divulgação
Adventure Sports Fair e / and Running Show, 2007 · Foto / Photo Bienal

Unlimited creativity

The partitionless design provides the freedom to assemble different, simultaneous environments, whilst facilitating free visitor circulation.

Perfect adaptations

The floors can be used in a number of combinations to suit the size and configuration of each function or event.

More than a simple space

The three floors of the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion are famous for the lightness of form conferred by the ramps and central column.

Bienal Lounge

From lectures to product launches, the academic to the commercial

Lounge Bienal
foyer area 793 m²
gallery 196 m²
support room 68 m²
ceiling height 3,80 m
336-seat auditorium
buffet support kitchens
eexcellent acoustics
air-conditioned area
Foto / Photo Pedro Ivo Trasferetti
Foto / Photo Pedro Ivo Trasferetti
Brazil S/A, 2013 · Foto / Photo Bienal
Viva Mata · Foto / Photo SOS Mata Atlântica

Exclusive circulation

The Bienal Lounge is a private space, ideal for get-togethers, press conferences, lectures, symposia, small congresses, workshops, smaller exhibitions, product launches, corporate events and awards ceremonies.

Multiple layouts

Located on the basement level of the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion, the Bienal Lounge has hosted many international events such as the Star Wars exhibition, and corporate functions, including those by Brazil S/A and Itália S/A. In addition to hosting private functions, the Bienal Lounge has a 336-seater auditorium.

Unrivalled location

With 25 thousand square meters distributed across three floors, plus the Bienal Lounge, the building stands out for its unrivalled location: Ibirapuera Park, the green heart of São Paulo.

Not far from Congonhas inner-city airport and accessible by various thoroughfares—Av. Brasil, Av. 23 de Maio and Av. Juscelino Kubitschek—the pavilion is situated in a high-end neighborhood, within easy reach of the city's best hotels, restaurants, shopping districts, and services.
The Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion is the venue of choice for those events that make the most vibrant and significant contributions to the nation's creative economy, such as São Paulo Fashion Week, SPArte, Travelweek and the Adventure Fair. It also hosts exhibitions and corporate events for such major companies as Renault, Natura and Google.

ExpoCIEE and the Bio Brazil Fair are annual features, as well as Viva Mata, an SOS Mata Atlântica event, which promotes public awareness about sustainable lifestyles. The Bienal also holds functions in other formats, such as exhibitions, congresses, trade shows, symposia, social events, and product launches.

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